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Red Rock Archery
Everything for the Bowhunter and Target Archer

Services from tuning to sizing

We service what we sell, and then some.

Our Services Are Here For You!


  • Bow tuning
  • Bow repair
  • Fletching
  • Nock replacement
  • Arrow sizing
  • Accessory installation


"Gabe is one of the best bow mechanics I’ve ever seen. When he puts our bow in a prospect’s hands, we’re confident that it’s going to be a bow that suits their needs, fits them personally and is tuned perfectly. The people at Red Rock Archery know what they’re doing, and Gabe’s got this easygoing way about him. It’s hard to define, but it puts peoples at ease.”

Ted Harpham, Darton Archery Director of Sales

“Nothing in this world could ever make me go anywhere else.”

Jody Green, loyal customer

“I had to hunt with Gabe before I really appreciated why Red Rock Archery is in the top 10 percent of our retail distributors. I’ve never met anybody who’d go as far to make sure you were all setup and that you had a great hunt.”

Steve Tentler, Tru-Fire CEO

From Arrows to Accessories, Red Rock does it all.

We service everything we sell. See below for specifics and pricing.

Gabe’s reputation as a world-class bow mechanic is well deserved, widely shared and growing. When industry professional and bow hunters like big-game legend and multiple-world-record holder Archie Nesbitt are either directing clients to or sending their own hunting rigs for service and tuning at Red Rock Archery, it says something about the quality of service. Gabe has an exceptional eye for detail and an intuitive grasp of the most complex archery technology. He’s as passionate about archery as the most rabid stick-slinger (with a personal collection exceeding 300 bows of varying design), and this enthusiasm reinforces his desire to help every client get the best performance their tackle will provide.

Sis is both soft-spoken and straightforward with a clear idea of what she wants her customers to experience at Red Rock Archery. “I want people to have fun here,” she explains, “to feel like they’ve learned something and gotten a good deal.”
Patrons expressing reservations at having a woman tune their bow or check their form need only consider the impressive wall-hangers and field photos of big game trophies Sis has taken with her bow. They can also talk with one of the many people who have benefited from her attention. This woman is a true bow hunter, mechanic and instructor.

“We want to take our time in talking with people and figuring out what they’re after,” says Gabe. “If someone’s been in before, we want to know their name and remember a little something about them. It’s important for us to make the customer feel welcome and comfortable. That’s how we’d want to be treated. Besides, it only takes a tiny bit of reluctance for someone to leave their wallet in their pocket.”

The store’s atmosphere is more that of a familiar tavern than a full-service retailer. People typically begin showing up soon after the doors open. Walk-in traffic is dominated by regular customers, many of whom are likely to have dropped in just to socialize. The location isn’t out of the way by any means, but there’s little through-traffic passing by. The point is that people regularly take the trouble to visit Red Rock Archery because they enjoy spending time with like minds in a relaxed environment that’s become a hub of interaction for a variety of outdoor activities.


Bow Tuning

When you buy one of our bows, set-up and tuning for life is free. Other bows $30.00 to $70.00.


Bow Repair

We have parts for bows we sell. If we don't sell it we can't get some parts. But call us or bring it in.



Fletching is $2.00 per arrow. Sometimes we can straighten them too.


Arrow Sizing

Whatever your draw length, with the purchase of arrows from Red Rock we'll size them for you. We match them to the bow and the person. Otherwise they're a dollar an arrow.


Nock Replacement

Replacing nocks is just one of the many services we offer for your maintenance needs. Around a dollar each.



We've got 'em all. Sites, bow string suppressors, arrow rests, cables, strings, stabilizers, peeps, cases, quivers. You name it. Just ask.